From 9th of July to 23rd of August you will be able to have dinner 65 meters above the ground and enjoy in stunning view of Split old town and waterfront.

Presented across continents, the idea and concept of Dinner in the Sky® event is to offer unforgettable fine dining experience in the sky together with exclusive atmosphere, breathtaking view to city and cuisine from the top chefs.

In close co-operation with the Tourist Board of Split and Split city administration, Dinner in the Sky Split opened its doors on 9th of July 2015 to present a unique Dinner in the Sky experience to visitors and inhabitants of Split. Until 23rd of August you can have Dinner in the Sky experience along with a unique culinary pleasure in the center of Split. Event will be held on the west coast, next to the ACI marina where the table with 22 guests will be suspended at a height of 65 meters by a team of professionals, to enjoy their life’s most unique and special dinner. The event will host the top chefs in Croatia and Dalmatia region. During the dinners, in the evening session, the chef personally will join the guests at the height of 65 meters to serve and talk about his food and menu. This exclusive atmosphere with extraordinary food and face-to-face contact with exceptional chef will create everlasting impression to everybody.

You will be able to choose between 3 different packages, depending on the menu and how long you want to enjoy the experience, so you can have Split in the Sky, Dinner in the Sky and Cocktail in the Sky, or you can have them all. So, come to Split and have your Dinner in the Sky with a view of our beautiful town.

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