Dear readers, we are happy to inform you about the event that will take place in our town Split under the name ‘The Nights of Diocletian’, starting on 25th of August and closing on 27th of August 2017.

The citizens of Split wish to point out the significance of their 1700 years old town by returning to our ancient past.

This costumed amusing musical manifestation represents a historical spectacle that will credibly show reign of emperor Diocletian in the city of Split with all essential characteristics of that period. The Roman legions will line up in the streets and squares, the emperor Diocletian together with the parade of Roman legions will be traveling by carriage from the waterfront to the Peristyle where he will salute the crowd and his family will be presented. All this will be complemented by the street performers on the streets and squares of the center of Split, rich gastronomic offer of food and drinks from the time of emperor Diocletian, concert and dance program together with many people wearing tunics and togas from the ancient times.

Hotel Globo invites you to come and visit our 1700 years old town and have a good night rest in our comfortable hotel rooms.


“… Ave Cesar …


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