If you are in Split don’t miss this remarkable unique exhibit of stuffed frogs representing the lives of our ancestors. It is located in the old Cinema Tesla, Kralja Tomislava 5.

The collection consists of 507 stuffed frogs of a common European frog species. The frogs have been stuffed in a very demanding way, using a taxidermy technique through the mouth, which is an extremely complex and time consuming process, so the exhibits are devoid of any external incisions. Author of this masterpiece Ferenc Mere was a master craftsman of taxidermy of small animals. The collection first consisted of 1000 samples, 507 of which have been preserved in a perfect condition. It consists of 21 exhibits showing thematically arranged frogs in various everyday life situations. In ten years of conducting a patient and demanding process of taxidermy, Ferenc Mere has created a unique collection which today, a hundred years after its creation, still remains the biggest and best collection of that kind in the world. He has managed to depict the everyday life of people to the smallest detail, and his exhibits include representations of a blacksmith shop, carpenter shop, tailor shop, school, circus and many other different life situations.

Don’t miss the opportunity to see this unique 100 year old collection of stuffed frogs posed and dressed as humans which intrigues and attracts people and leaves no one indifferent. And for your accommodation in Split Hotel Globo is always here for you with its comfortable and modernly equipped hotel rooms.



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