Picigin is a sports game very little known in the world and one of the true uniqueness of this city, also it is one of the things which the residents of Split are very proud of. According to the legend, picigin originated on the sand beach Bačvice in Split, it was first played in 1908 by a group of Croatian students from Prague who were finding it difficult to play the game of water polo in the shallow water. Instead, they began playing a different game which would come to be known as picigin.

The rules of picigin are pretty simple to describe, but the spirit and joy of playing the game can only be experienced. Picigin is played in shallow waters of Bačvice bay which is ideal terrain for this game. Usually there is 5 players involved and the main objective is to keep the ball in the air and out of the water for as long as possible, the players pass the ball only with one stroke of the palm of one hand, also involving much running and acrobatics in order to keep the ball out of the sea. The traditional ball, called balun is actually a peeled tennis ball, polished off a few millimeters which is the most suitable for picigin. An important tradition connected to the game is the New Years picigin, which is played on first of January by a few of the most fanatic picigin players.

Although picigin is basically non competitive game, played only for fun and relaxation, somebody came to an idea to have a world championship in picigin. So this year we will have 10th jubilee Picigin World Championship and it will be held on Bačvice beach, of course. Qualifiers will take place on 7th and 8th of June, while the finals for six best teams is scheduled for 14th of June at 10 AM, the winner is determined according to number of successful touches and the acrobatic skills.

Besides picigin, there will be also plenty of other sports, music, cultural and gastro events.

Hotel Globo Split invites you to this unique world championship and also to try yourself in picigin, the game that you will enjoy for sure. And after a long day on the beach take a good night rest in our comfortable hotel rooms.


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