Marjan, often called “the lungs of Split”, is a hill on the peninsula of the city of Split, it is covered in a dense Mediterranean pine forest and completely surrounded by the city and the sea, making it a unique sight. Marjan is also main recreational center of Split, it’s a great place for hiking, cycling, jogging, even climbing on cliffs on south side of the hill or swimming since there are also lot of beaches.

On the hill there are a significant number of churches, and some of them are very old and valuable archeological monuments. Several major institutions operates on Marjan hill such as the Institute of Oceanography and Fisheries, Natural History Museum, meteorological Observatory, Meštrović Gallery and Mediterranean Institute for Life Sciences which operates on the south side of Marjan, in the villa Dalmatia.

With its height of 178 meters above sea level Marjan hill offers a stunning view of the entire city, the surrounding islands, and the nearby mountains of Mosor and Kozjak. One of Marjan bays Bene also offers entertainment and sports activities for children and adults.

Come to Split and take a relaxing walk on the Marjan and enjoy in nature, fresh air and breathtaking views.

Hotel Globo Split is located within 15 minutes walk from the Marjan hill what makes it an ideal choice for your accommodation in Split.




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