On the western side of peninsula of the city of Split, in the park-forest Marjan you will find this specific complex of sculptures unique in whole the world. Creator is Bolivian-Croatian artist, Efra Avila who came to Croatia 16 years ago, and the last few years he’s been living here in Split.

As the artist himself says, the message of his sculptures is ”taking care of nature means taking care of ourselves”, and their task is to encourage creativity in people and to stimulate a gathering of family at such a beautiful place like Marjan.

While western civilization rests on twofold system of values, allowing only yes and no, true and false, other ancient civilizations are based on advanced, threefold system of values, allowing a third option, maybe and possible. Guided by this idea, Efra Avila created interactive sculptures that show us how to think outside the box to find the answer.

These sculptures, which have both artistic and practical value, are made entirely of materials from the Marjan forest, discarded and diseased trees only. The process and method of making the sculptures were dictated by the timber forms and unpredictable terrain of Marjan. There are three sculptures, ”Croatia”, ”Marjan seagull” and ”Butterfly Ana”. Next to each sculpture is an explanation of how to play. Puzzles are ranked by difficulty, from easy ones to difficult, and they are intended for anyone whose spirit is open for the game, puzzles and challenges.

You are invited to experiment, explore, discover, learn and most importantly, to socialize and have fun.

After a day outdoor on Marjan, have a good night rest in our cozy hotel rooms.


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