One more location in the vicinity of Split that originates from the ancient times when emperors ruled and even before that… We’ll take you into the past and find out some interesting things about this town that once was center of Dalmatia.

6 kilometers north from Split in today’s Solin is where the remains of ancient city of Salona are.

The name Salona was first mentioned in the year 119 B.C., but the existence of this town goes much further in the past, according to the Greek findings we believe that Greeks were its founders. At first Salona was coastal stronghold and port of the Illyrian Dalmatians in close vicinity of Greek colonies Tragurion and Epetion. After the civil war between Caesar and Pompey in 48 B.C. Salona gained the status of a Roman colony and became the center of Illyrians, later province of Dalmatia. The old town was a trapezoidal shape surrounded by walls and towers, which some of them date from the 2nd ct. B.C. In the time of Augustus town was rapidly developed, the forum with the capitol was built as the center of public, political and religious life. Near the forum at the end of 1st ct. theater was also built that could accommodate about 3500 spectators. The most monumental construction was the amphitheater built in the second half of the 2nd ct., this roman construction in whose arena bloody contests between gladiators and beasts were held could accommodate almost 19000 spectators.

Important period in the development of the city was the reign of the Emperor Diocletian, who built a magnificent palace not far from Salona where he retreated after his abdication on 1st of May in 305th year, since when the existence of Split is considered.

Come and visit Salona, experience ancient history of Dalmatia.

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