Presentation of the statue of Emperor Diocletian is being held from 21st of September until 8th of October at the Ethnographic museum Split, so in this post we will tell you something about the Emperor Diocletian.

Diocletian (Gaius Aurelius Valerius Diocletanius) was a 51st Emperor of the Roman Empire from 284 to 305. Born in 243 in a low status family in a nearest vicinity of the capital of the Roman province of Dalmatia Salona.

Diocletian chose the military as his profession. Probably he has entered the service during the reign of the Emperor Gallienus serving in one of the equestrian unit. Eventually he will prosper from ordinary soldier to the military commander in Moesia, commander of the Imperial Body Guard, Senator and all the way up to Consul until he ultimately became an Emperor in 284. Later on he proclaimed 3 co-rulers for himself, under this “Tetrarchy” or “rule of four”, each emperor ruled over a quarter-division of the Empire.

Diocletian’s reign was absolutist, so that the Senate and the rest of Republican institutions lost all their significance. During his reign he led wars against the Germans and the Persians. Two years before the abdication (due to illness) he started persecuting Christians, although he had previously been tolerant towards them, there are some data that state that his wife Prisca and daughter Valeria were Christians. The most known victim of his persecution was bishop Dujam (today known as Saint Duje), patron Saint of Split.

After his abdication in 305 the Emperor Diocletian retreated in the palace that he built for himself in the area of nowadays Split where he also died in 316.

Legacy that he left behind is a magnificent Diocletian’s Palace which is even after 1700 years still one of the main symbols of the city of Split. This ancient edifice is definitely worth to see, so Hotel Globo Split invites you to come to our town and enter the imposing palace where this Roman Emperor once lived.

Every year during the summer Split goes back in those ancient times by a manifestation called “Days of Diocletian”.

Hotel Globo, located only 5 to 10 minutes walking from the Diocletian’s palace, is always at your disposal with its comfortable hotel rooms.


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