The city of Split and its waterfront, Riva, are among the most interesting and most specific sites in the Mediterranean. Riva is the main place in Split for relaxation, walking, drinking coffee but also a venue for various cultural, sports and entertaining events.

The waterfront is one of the most attractive and specific public places in the city of Split and as such, it represents an irreplaceable urban ambient together with the city harbour and Diocletian’s Palace making the urban core of the town. Riva is an urbanized, public, open and accessible space, more than 1700 years old. It stands in front of Diocletian’s Palace, once the home of the Roman emperor Diocletian. Views from the Riva across the harbour to the islands beyond are magnificent, no wonder Diocletian chose precisely this spot to build his lavish retirement palace.

Riva got its present appearance in the early 19th century, in the period of the French rule. It was extended and gravelled then, and a series of houses, bearing some characteristic architectural features of that period, was built. A few years ago Riva was renovated which causes differences in opinion among the residents about that issue. Split’s seafront promenade runs the length of the old town and is one of Europe’s finest, 250 meters long and 55 meters wide, it is also the main public square and the place for all kinds of social events.

So when you’re in Split you have to take a walk across the Riva and have a cup of coffee in one of many cafes, than you will experience something we call ‘fjaka’, specific state of mind where all the problems are far away and time stops for you just to enjoy…

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