As we announced in our previous post, we will present you some of the sights of Split. The main landmark of our town certainly is Diocletian’s Palace.

Diocletian’s Palace is the most impressive and best preserved ancient monument in the region. The palace is named after its creator, the Roman Emperor Diocletian who built it in preparation for his retirement. Start of construction is not exactly determined, but it is assumed that it was around 295. By whose architectural idea palace was built and who were its builders, it’s not known, the basic construction material was white limestone from the island Brač.

The palace combines qualities of a luxurious villa with those of a military camp with its huge gates and watchtowers. It’s enclosed by walls, and at times, it housed over 9000 people with its enormous proportion of 30 000 square meters. There were two main streets, cardo, connecting Golden Gate (Porta Aurea) on the north with the Brass Gate (Porta Aenea) on the south and decumanus, connecting Silver Gate (Porta Argenta) on the east with the Iron Gate (Porta Ferrea) on the west. Decumanus Street, which connects the eastern and the western entrance functionally divided palace into two parts, the northern part of the building for the service, military and storage and the southern part, which was intended for the royal family. Cardo Street led to the peristyle, an open space in front of the Emperor’s residence, on whose left side was the emperor’s mausoleum (now the Cathedral of St. Domnius), on the right side of the peristyle were three temples, one of them temple of Jupiter, only one preserved. In order to level the surface below its chambers, the Emperor built the basements, which are now accessible to the public.

Diocletian’s Palace together with a later medieval buildings makes the archaeological, historical and artistic complex and therefore in 1979. it has been added to UNESCO’s World Heritage List.

Diocletian’s Palace is the main tourist attraction in Split and definitely worth to visit. Hotel Globo Split, located only 5 to 10 minutes walking from the palace, is at your disposal with its comfortable and modernly equipped hotel rooms.


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