In this post we continue to present you sights of the city of Split. The statue of Gregory of Nin created by Ivan Meštrović, Croatian sculptor and architect, is definitely one of the things that you have to visit when you’re in Split.

Gregory of Nin was a Croatian bishop from medieval times who bravely introduced Croatian language into religious services after strongly opposing the Pope and official circles of the Church in the Great Assembly in 926 which was held in Split. Prior to this all Masses had to be said in Latin, not being understandable to the majority of the population. Because of this he  is recognised as one of the fathers of the Croatian language.

The statue was originally located in the Peristyle of Diocletian’s Palace but it was moved during World War II. Currently the statue stands just outside the Golden Gate on the northern side of Diocletian’s Palace. It has become a popular tourist attraction, many of whom rub the big toe, as it’s said to bring good luck. As a result, big toe is brightly polished and shiny.

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